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Photographer Siaka Soppo Traoré creates a bridge between two urban cultures

These expressive photographs capture the feeling of hip hop culture in Dakar and Douala.

Posted 3 Feb 17By Jamie MatroosArt & PhotographyCreative Work / Design NewsComments

Siaka Soppo Traoré is one to watch. Consistently named one of the most innovative African photographers on the scene right now, Traoré is well-known for his evocative dance photography in projects like SunuStreet and Dame Nature. His recent series of images, « Voyages, Images et Corps » features Senegalese hip hop dancers Cie La Mer Noire and a number of dancers from Cameroon Cie Agathe Djokam, Sn9per Cr3w. The groups met for two weeks in April 2016 in a project within the MAM Gallery to promote the positive spirit of urban youth in Dakar, Senegal and Douala, Cameroon.